General Awareness - 2010 - Test - 05

General Knowledge - General Awareness - 2010

1. Who among the following is the Chairman of the Expert Committee on National Film Awards?

2. Which of the following University of Saudi Arabia conferred an honorary doctorate to Prime Minister man Mohan Singh recently?

3. Recently we read in the newspapers that India's government has issued an order to bring all National Sports Federations under public scrutiny under the ambit of the Right to Information Act. The National Sports Federations now have to designate Central Public Information Officers and Appellate Authorities under which of the following articles of RTI Act 2005?

4. Which among the following is not a football tournament?

5. To which of the following country did United Nations Special send an special Enoy Tomas Quintana on a five day visit to assess the progress on human rights?

6. Who among the following became the first woman to win six awards in the same night in the Grammy Awards ?

7. Who among the following is not a winner of Outstanding Parliamentary Award ?

8. The Bihar Special Security Group (amendment) Bill 2010 which was recently passed in Bihar legislative assembly seeks to provide security cover to the former chief ministers of state for _________ ?

9. In which of the following states is being set up the Central Institute of Himalayan Culture Studies ?

10. Which among the following is not correctly matched?

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