General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. In July 2009 which of the following cities came into news for hooch tragedy causing the deaths of 130 people?

2. India proposes to sign Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with-

3. Which of the following is not among the eight India Origin CEOs at Big U.S. Companies in recently released Forbes' report?

4. How many Gulf Arab States put into force a monetary pact on December 15, 2009 proposing the launch of a single regional currency soon?

5. Inflation occurs when aggregate supply is

6. Kailash Vajpayi has been honoured with Sahitya Akademi Award 2009 for his poetry-

7. Blue Revolution is related to

8. Who among the following was the Constitutional adviser to the Constituent Assembly of India?

9. Which among the following is the most common element in the earth's crust?

10. Bhutan is producing about 1,500 Megawatt from its existing power projects. What per cent of this production of power does it sell to India?

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