General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. Which of the following companies became India's first listed IT firm to have crossed $1 billion turnover?

2. The recently published book that compiled the treasury of landmark speeches of the Indian leaders named "Great Indian and their Landmark Speeches" is written by

3. In the HINI Virus what does the alphabet H and N stands for: I H stands for haemagglutinin II N stands for neuraminidase

4. Which statement is correct: I. Hamid Karzai is the present President of Afganistan and was declared unanimously as the winner of the recently held General election in that country. II. He has done his Masters from the Shimla University.

5. Which of the following reflects the importance of 8th November 2008 in the history of India?

6. According to the Mo-HRD there will be no examination for the 10th standard called the boards in India from the year

7. Persons below the poverty line in India are classified as such based on whether

8. In the recently hyped meeting held in Singapore IMF has raised the voting power of 4 middle income countries and there names are as follows: I China II Maxico III S.Korea IV Turky

9. There are how many strains of H & N proteins that cumulatively make up the HN breed of flu virus (eg. being the presently famous H1N1 virus)

10. The Government of India is planning to introduce whicch of the following Acts to ensure that foreign investments are not a threat to national security?

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