General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. India has decided to invest how much money in the IMF to have its allocated reserve increased in the international lending institution and thus pave the way for increased percentage of the voting right allocated to the nation

2. Who is the Secretary General of the Commonwealth group of nation Secretariat

3. Which statement is correct: I. The climate Change Bill passed by the US Congress recently is called by the name of Waxman-Marney Bill. II. the Bill was passed by a landslide victory with even the Republican supporting it.

4. According to the recent finding a medical journal said that the core reason for the blood pressure increase that finally leads to coronary heart disease is caused by

5. Which of the following organizations has provided a US$ 150 million loan to over haul the khadi & Village Industry in India?

6. The Asiatic Cheetah being the Asian breed that was once found in the forest of India. At present its hightest number is found in

7. The recently published book that compiled the treasury of landmark speeches of the Indian leaders named "Great Indian and their Landmark Speeches" is written by

8. The recent fighting between the Shia and the Sunni community in the otherwise peaceful nation Yeman involves the proxy game of superiority between which of the two nation of the middle east

9. India has signed an agreement to procure Advanced Jet Trainer (Hawk) from which of the following countries?

10. Who amongst the following cricketers recently joined the club of 300 wicket takers in Test Cricket?

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  • Home Remedies

    Stomach upset loose motions

    1. For children : ripe & sweet apples crushed to a pulp (can be steamed) can be given as 1-4 tablespoon several times a day.
    2. Mashed ripe banana with a little salt, should be taken 2-3 time a day.
    3. A teaspoon of date (khajoor) paste mixed with a little honey, given three times a day is very effective for regulating the bowels
    4. 5-10 gms of amla seed powder mixed with buttermilk (chhach) should be taken for 1-2 days.
    5. Crush 8-10 curry leaves (curry patta). Mix with a cup of thin buttermilk (chhach) and have 2-3 times a day.
    6. Mix juice of 1 large pomegranate (anaar) and 1 glass of sugar cane juice (ganne ka ras). Have 4 times a day
    7. A Fast with only buttermilk, curd, curd and rice or bananas proves very effective.
    8. Avoid raw vegetables and fruits such as orange, mosambi, papaya, pineapple and spices.
    9. Drink plenty of water to which a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt has been added to guard against dehydration. 10. A strong cup of unsweetened black tea is very effective.

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