Test # 553 [05-Jan-2018]

which among the following parts of Indian Constitution deal with the local administration?

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Unprosperousness is the longest word in which every letter occurs at least twice.      .. More >>

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    Data sufficiency questions require sufficient practice

    While much of the content covered on the GMAT is similar to that covered on the SAT, ACT, and GRE, and many of the questions are formatted in a similar manner, there is one exception data sufficiency questions. Testing experts say these questions don t exist on other standardized tests and require a significant amount of practice in order to acclimate to their unconventional format. The questions present you with a question and two statements and ask you to determine if either statement answers the question, neither statement answers the question, one statement provides an answer, they answer the question in concert, or they both answer the question independently. At first glance, and without practice, these questions require more time than most and for your mind to work in ways it may not be accustomed. For someone preparing for the GMAT, data sufficiency questions are usually the first enemy that they have, says Andrew Mitchell, director of graduate programs at Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions. They re foreign, and they re tricky, and there are certain traps that people fall into again and again before they re familiar with the question type and before they practice it.

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