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Test # 402 [07-Aug-2017]

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As per the latest released World Economic outlook Report of International Monetary Fund, India's expected GDP growth rate for year 2010 is ______?

Nobel Prize : Economics
Year : 2002
Name : daniel kahneman
Country : united states - israel.
Name : vernon l. smith
Country : united states.      .. More >>

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Basic English Usage

Road features

An accident

Read the text and use the context and the diagram to help you with the key words.

There was a serious accident on one of the main roads into Stuttgart this morning. An old lorry (AmEng = truck) broke down in the middle of the road, and the driver couldn’t move it. It was eight o’clock, the middle of the rush hour, so it soon created a terrible traffic jam. Drivers got very angry and a man in a Mercedes tried to go round the lorry. Unfortunately another car was coming in the opposite direction. The driver braked hard and tried to stop, but he couldn’t prevent the accident - the Mercedes crashed into the front of his car. The driver of the Mercedes was OK, but the other driver was badly injured and both cars were very badly damaged.

Giving directions

Go along here, turn right into the main road, then take the first turning on your left. Keep going, and then turn left again when you get to the bank.

Important words and phrases

Taxis (AmEng = cab) use the road; pedestrians use the pavement (AmEng = sidewalk).
The speed limit on motorways in Great Britain is 70 mph (120 kph).
Most petrol stations (AmEng = gas station) in Great Britain are self-service.
Get in the car and remember to fasten your seat belt.
The other car was going very slowly, so I decided to overtake (= pass it on the outside lane).
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