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8977. Fact
It was the left shoe that Cinderella lost at the stairway, when the prince tried to follow her. It was originally the right.

8978. Fact
Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.

8979. Fact
Most dinosaurs walked on their toes.

8980. Fact
Santa Claus has a brother named Bells Nicholas who brings presents to children on New Year's Eve.

8981. Fact
The first bath tub to be installed in the white house was during the time of Millard Fillmore.

8982. Fact
The word Checkmate in chess comes from the Persian phrase Shah Mat, which means the king (shah) is dead (mat).

8983. Fact
A squash ball moving at 150 kilometers per hour has the same impact of a .22 bullet

8984. Fact
The first company that Bill Gates ever ran created machines that would record the number of cars passing a given point on a street.

8985. Fact
Kikkoman soy sauce was originated in 1630 in Japan.

8986. Also known as
Original name : ernest rutherford
Also known as : father of nuclear physics..

8987. Also known as
Original name : dwight david eisenhower
Also known as : lke.

8988. Fact
Male lions somtimes kill their own kids if they seem like a threat or take the attention of their mate.

8989. Fact
Badgers and coyotes hunt ground squirrels together. The badger tracks the squirrel and digs into its tunnels, and the coyote catches it when it tries to escape.

8990. Fact
The Golden Gate Bridge was first opened in 1937

8991. Fact
The word Cotton originates from the Arabic word Qutun.

8992. Fact
The word 'set'has more definitions than any other word in the English language.

8993. Fact
Annually 17 tons of gold is used to make wedding rings in the United States

8994. Fact
Chinese Crested dogs can get acne

8995. Fact
The Roman emperor Domitian took great pleasure in being secluded in his room for hours and catching flies and stabbing them with pens

8996. Fact
Water that is safe to drink is referred to as POTABLE

8997. Fact
Singapore has only one train station.

8998. Fact
Perspiration is odorless; it is the bacteria on the skin that creates an odor.

8999. Fact
Some Chinese chopsticks contain gold as on of their materials

9000. Fact
The only state to grow pineapples is Hawaii

9001. Fact
Laika the dog, was the first living thing which was sent to space.

9002. Fact
About 10% of the 100,000 thunderstorms that occur in the USA every year are classified as severe.

9003. Fact
Some farmers in Japan have learned to grow their watermelons into a square shape. They did this to conserve shelf space

9004. Fact
There is a city called Rome in every continent.

9005. Fact
The first product that the toy company Mattel came out with was picture frames.

9006. Fact
On average a person passes gas 14 times a day

9007. Fact
The meaning of Siberia is sleeping land.

9008. Fact
On average, every American consumes 109 pounds of beef a year.

9009. Fact
The Australian box-jellyfish has eight eyes

9010. Fact
Great Britain was the first country to issue postage stamps in 1840

9011. Fact
Only full-grown male crickets can chirp.

9012. Fact
The state with the highest percentage of people who walk to work: Alaska.

9013. Fact
Six ounces of orange juice contains the minimum daily requirement for vitamin C.

9014. Fact
More than 100 professional cyclists participate in the Tour de France every year and the race is over 3,200 kilometers

9015. Fact
Six eight-stud Lego pieces can be combined 102,981,500 ways.

9016. Also known as
Original name : dadabhai naoroji
Also known as : grand old man of india; father of indian politics and economics..

9017. Fact
There are at least two words in the English language that use all of the vowels, in the correct order, and end in the letter Y: abstemiously and facetiously.

9018. Fact
Kim Basinger fears large crowds. She even locked herself in her house for 4 months because of this fear.

9019. Fact
Corned beef got its name because this beef was preserved with pellets of salt that were the size of corn kernels, which was also referred to as corns of salt

9020. Also known as
Original name : c.f. andrews
Also known as : deenabandhu.

9021. Fact
Pollen never deteriorates. It is one of the few natural substances that lasts indefinitely.

9022. Fact
Abdul Kassam Ismael, Grand Vizier of Persia in the tenth century, carried his library with him wherever he went. Four hundred camels carried the 117,000 volumes

9023. Fact
The average person ingests about a ton of food and drink each year.

9024. Fact
The numbers 172 can be found on the back of a US $5 bill, in the bushes at the base of the Lincoln memorial.

9025. Fact
The G in 'g-string'stand for groin.

9026. Fact
Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were the two left-handed Beatles.



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Most Amazing Fountains Around The World

Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi Italy

Standing 25.9 meters 85 feet high and 19.8 meters 65 feet wide Trevi Fountain Fontana di Trevi is one of the most beautiful sculptures in Rome Italy. It was ordered in 1732 by Clemens XII and thirty years later his predecessor Clemens XIII christened it. The fountain has Neptune or Oceanus in the middle and two tritons one trying to tame a fiery horse symbolizing the rough sea and one blowing a shell horn symbolizing the quiet sea.Trevi became famous for a scene in Fellini La Dolce Vita when Anita Ekberg takes a late night bath in the fountain. There also a legend saying that if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain you will return to Rome.

English Phrases
Basic English Usage

Weather conditions

Look at this list of common weather words. Notice that it is very common to form adjectives by adding -y.

Note: When it rains for a short period of time, we call it a shower, e.g. We had several showers yesterday afternoon.
When it is raining a lot we often say its pouring or its pouring with rain. This phrase is much more common than its raining cats and dogs, which many students seem to learn.


People round the world have different ideas about temperature:
5C (five degrees centigrade) is freezing for many Brazilians.
-10C (minus ten degrees or ten degrees below zero) is very cold but quite normal in the mountains in Switzerland during the winter when it usually snows a lot.
30-35C is boiling for England and very unusual, but it is very common in parts of Spain during the summer.


The first word here is very gentle; the last is more than 100 km per hour and can be very dangerous.

a breeze a wind a strong wind a gale a hurricane

It was a hot day but there was a lovely breeze.
The wind blew my hat off.
The hurricane in Florida destroyed trees and buildings.


A spell (= period) of very hot weather often ends with a thunderstorm. First it becomes very humid (= hot and wet), then you get thunder and lightning, and finally, very heavy rain (= it pours with rain). Afterwards, it is usually cooler and it feels fresher.
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