729. Fact
A newborn kangaroo weighs approximately one gram (0.035 ounces).

730. Fact
Hurricanes are always given names in order to make them easier to track. Their names always start with an "a" at the beginning of each year. In 1979, the women's movement pressured meteorologists to use both male and female names instead of just female names. Today, boy names are used on even numbered years and girl names on uneven ones.

731. Fact
Volvo means "i am rolling" in latin.

732. Fact
Production suffered a severe catastrophe one-day while filming diamonds are forever. Unexpectedly, all of the tropical fish in the aquarium died. The solution was to freeze the fish and suspend them in the tank from invisible thread that could be moved; making them appear alive.

733. Fact
It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

734. Fact
An ice cream headache occurs when the coldness of the ice cream comes in contact with a spider-shaped web of nerves on the roof of the mouth. When the temperature of these nerves cools down, the brain believes that it's about to freeze and unnecessarily sends warm blood to the area. Instead of warming the area, it causes a headache.

735. Fact
The face of the alien e.t in the film with the same name, was modelled after the poet carl sandburg, the physicist albert einstein and a pug.

736. Fact
The plane buddy holly crashed in was named "american pie". Don mclean adopted this name for a song he released a couple of years later.

737. Fact
The sloth moves so slow algae can grow unhinderred on it. That is why its skin is sometimes green.

738. Fact
It's not only the tiger's fur that is striped. The skin is striped as well.

739. Fact
The expression "checkmate" comes from the arabic expression "shah mat", which means "the king is dead".

740. Fact
Do you think "big ben" is a tower or a clock face? Well, both are wrong guesses. This well-known name actually belongs to the bell that sounds every hour behind the famous clock face in london, england.

741. Fact
When the north american possum is threatened, it not only plays dead to escape the danger, it also faints from fear!

742. Fact
Sesame street puppet characters bert and ernie's namesakes are the policeman, bert and the taxi driver, ernie, from the classic film it's a wonderful life starring jimmy stewart.

743. Fact
Did you know that camels have three eyelashes to protect their eyes from the blowing sand?

744. Fact
A donkey's eyes are positioned so that it can see all of its hooves at the same time.

745. Fact
When you are born, you have 300 bones in your body but when you die, you only have 206.

746. Fact
The only known month to not have a full moon is february 1865.

747. Fact
According to the author ian fleming, james bond's father was from scotland and his mother from france.

748. Fact
An ostrich's eye is larger than its brain.

749. Fact
The toaster was introduced by general electric in the usa in 1909.

750. Fact
The leaning tower of pisa, one of italy's greatest tourist attractions, leans in a southerly direction.

751. Fact
The latin inscription i.n.r.i. stands for "iesus nazarenus, rex iudaeorum" which means "jesus of nazareth, king of the jews".

752. Fact
During the second world war, queen elizabeth ii studied to become a car mechanic.

753. Fact
In paraguay, duelling is only legal if both fighters are registered blood donors.

754. Fact
A diamond's weight is measured in carats. Originally, one carat equalled the weight of one seed from a loaf of st. John's bread. It was changed in 1931 that the exact weight was to be 0.2 grams.

755. Fact
South africa has eleven main languages, which explains why you can sometimes find really long road signs. Everyone must be able to read them!

756. Fact
The earth weighs about 5,924,000,000,000,000,000,000 metric tons.

757. Fact
Contrary to popular belief, thomas alva edison did not invent the lightbulb. Many had done this before him. What he did, however, was modify the lightbulb and patent it.

758. Fact
An angry male hummingbird has a pulse of up to 1,000 beats per minute while, at the same time, drawing about 500 breaths.

759. Fact
In 1820, scientists believed the universe to be 6,000 years old. Today, experts date it between 15 to 20 billion years old.

760. Fact
A black hole is a collapsed star that has turned into a tiny black globe. The hole is black because of its enormous force of gravity that won't let any light out.

761. Fact
Some male spiders have very interesting survival techniques. To avoid being eaten by a female, the male spider will entwine her in a cobweb before mating.

762. Fact
In london, england's fire of 1666, half of the city burned down, but miraculously only six people were injured.

763. Fact
The oscar statues are normally made of tin and copper, but during the second world war, they were made of plaster, covered in gold. All metal was needed for the war effort.

764. Fact
Mosquitoes live on nectar not blood. Blood is required for producing protein which is necessary for laying eggs.

765. Fact
If all the salt could be extracted from the sea and oceans, it would completely cover the continents with a 20-inch layer.

766. Fact
The motto on james bond's family crest is, "the world is not enough".

767. Fact
Pure gold is so soft that you can shape it with your hands.

768. Fact
One horsepower is the force needed to lift 75 kilos one meter straight up in the air for one second.

769. Fact
26 popes have unfortunately been murdered.

770. Fact
For a long time, the tonga islands had a banana shaped stamp.

771. Fact
If you suffer from arachinophobia, you're terrified of spiders.

772. Fact
Geographical locations with the shortest names are "a" in norway, "o" in japan and "y" in france.

773. Fact
If you keep a living goldfish in a completely dark room, it will eventually turn white.

774. Fact
The horsehead, used in the film the godfather, came from a factory that manufactures dog food.

775. Fact
The a-system used to keep control of paper sizes (a4, a5, a3 etc) was invented in germany in 1930 and became an international standard.

776. Fact
There are over 500 phobias and tauraphobia is one of them - a fear of bulls.

777. Fact
Ice cream contains a thickeningsubstance extracted from seaweed.

778. Fact
Since 1989, oscar presenters are not allowed to say "and the winner is..." this insinuates that all of the other nominees are losers. So instead they say "and the oscar goes to..."



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