7077. Fact
Panthers are known as black leopards, as they are the same species of leopard. If looked at closely, black spots can be seen on a panther

7078. Fact
Up to three thousand species of trees have been cataloged in square mile of the Amazon jungle.

7079. Fact
The clock at the National Bureau of Standards in Washington, D.C. will gain or lose only one second every 300 years.

7080. Fact
You can only tell the gender of a Macaw through an operation. They lack exterior genetials.

7081. Fact
Actor Richard Gere was considered to play the role of John McClane in the movie Die Hard. Bruce Willis played the part instead

7082. Fact
In Belgium, there is a museum that is just for strawberries

7083. Fact
Goulash, a beef soup, originated in Hungary in the 9th century AD.

7084. Fact
A person uses approximently fifty-seven sheets of toilet paper each day.

7085. Fact
Dreamt is the only English word that ends in the letters MT.

7086. Fact
Rats cannot vomit

7087. Fact
A woodchuck only breathes 10 times during hibernation.

7088. Animal Facts
The horned lizard from South America shoots blood out of its eyes when it is attacked. It increases the blood pressure in its sinuses until they explode, spraying blood onto the attacker.

7089. Fact
The banjo is America's only true native musical instrument. It was first developed in the South in the 1790s.

7090. Animal Facts
Scorpions sometimes eat their own babies.

7091. Fact
Soaking beans for twelve hours in water before they are cooked can reduce flatulence caused by beans

7092. Fact
Dalmatian puppies do not have any spots on them when they are born. They actually develop them as they get older

7093. Fact
The only President to win a Pulitzer Prize: John Kennedy for Profiles in Courage.

7094. Fact
Approximately 70,000 people in the U.S. are both blind and deaf.

7095. Fact
During World War II, there was not enough sugar in the U.S. to make candy as it was sent to the troops overseas. At this time, popcorn was consumed three times more than its usual amount

7096. Fact
Carbonated soda water was invented in 1767 by Joseph Priestley, the discoverer of oxygen.

7097. Fact
The word diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, which means unconquerable.

7098. Fact
In ancient Rome, lead poisoning was a prevalent disease amongst the wealthy because of their extensive use of lead. Many Roman women died because of lead poisoning caused by the use of make-up that contained lead

7099. Fact
The nickname for a Japanese businessmen is Salarymen.

7100. Fact
In 2002, the most popular car color in North America was silver.

7101. Fact
The first written account of the Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie, was made in 565AD.

7102. Fact
Cutthroat Island is the biggest movie flop in history, losing an estimated $81 million. It's almost double the loss of the second-biggest money loser, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen ($48.1 million).

7103. Fact
Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer are the only angels named in the Bible.

7104. Fact
Texas horned toads can shoot blood out of the corners or their eyes.

7105. Fact
We blink 25 times a minute.

7106. Fact
One in about eight million people has progeria, a disease that causes people to grow faster than they age.

7107. Fact
Jaguars are frightened by dogs.

7108. Fact
The coldest outdoor temperature ever recorded on earth was 127 below zero in Antarctica on August 24, 1960.

7109. Fact
In Radford, VA you are not allowed to spit, loogie, puke, or urinate on the streets.

7110. Animal Facts
Flea larvae eat their parents' faeces or each other.

7111. Fact
In Iceland it is illegal to have pets.

7112. Fact
In New York City, approximately 1,600 people are bitten by other humans annually

7113. Fact
It was claimed that a Tiger shot dead by colonel Jim Corbett in 1907 had killed 436 people in India.

7114. Fact
Women generally produce more natural lubrication when they're ovulating.

7115. Fact
Tarantulas can live up to 30 years

7116. Fact
66% of wedding cards are hand delivered by people

7117. Fact
Male seagulls have red legs.

7118. Fact
According to studies, an average roll of toilet paper lasts about five days in the bathroom

7119. Fact
Houston's Bob Watson scored Major League Baseball's 1,000,000th run on May 4, 1975.

7120. Fact
According to bar sales across the U.S., here are the top 15 cocktails: 1) Dry martini, 2) Manhattan, 3) Whiskey sour, 4) Bloody Mary, 5) Gimlet, 6) Daiquiri, 7) Tom Collins, 8) Old Fashioned, 9) Margarita, 10) Screwdriver, 11) Bacardi, 12) Stinger, 13) Harvey Wallbanger, 14) Gin & Tonic, and 15) Rum & Coke

7121. Fact
Cheetahs make a chirping sound that is much like a bird's chirp or a dog's yelp. The sound is so an intense, it can be heard a mile away.

7122. Fact
90% of New York City cab drivers are recently arrived immigrants.

7123. Fact
Cheating is not the top reason why most couples break up. Having grown apart is the primary reason.

7124. Fact
Hydrogen gas is the least dense substance in the world, at 0.08988g/cc

7125. Fact
The Mount Horeb Mustard Museum which is located in Wisconsin has the biggest collection of prepared mustards. They have approximately 4,000 different jars and tubes from all over the world

7126. Fact
Deer sleep only 5 minutes a day.



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