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4746. Fact
Thanks to the electric light, the average American today sleeps 1.5 hours less each day than Americans of 60 years ago.

4747. Fact
80% of arrested criminals are male.

4748. Fact
Tangerines are named after the Moroccan city of Tangiers.

4749. Fact
Brazil produces the most oranges in the world

4750. Fact
People living on the east coast prefer creamy peanut butter, while people living on the west coast prefer chunky peanut butter

4751. Fact
Babe Ruth hit his first major-league home run on May 6, 1915. He was playing for the Boston Red Sox at the time. 'The Sultan of Swat' went on to smash 714 round-trippers before he retired, as a New York Yankee, in 1935.

4752. Fact
Nearly half of all Americans suffer from symptoms of burnout

4753. Fact
The Philippines has more than 1,000 regional dialects and two official languages.

4754. Fact
A sneeze travels out your mouth at over 100 m.p.h.

4755. Fact
According to one survey, 44% of adults have had a one-night stand.

4756. Fact
The MGM Grand Hotel of Las Vegas washes 15,000 pillowcases per day.

4757. Fact
Church of England has apologized to Charles Darwin 200 years after his birth

4758. Animal Facts
A patch of rainforest soil around the size of this book can hatch 10,000 mosquito eggs.

4759. Fact
Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon with his left foot first.

4760. Fact
In Thailand, the left hand is considered unclean, so you should not eat with it. Also, pointing with one finger is considered rude and is only done when pointing to objects or animals, never humans.

4761. Fact
The smallest bone in the human body is the stapes bone which is located in the ear

4762. Fact
Rain falls at 11kmph (7mph).

4763. Fact
Food is so scarce in the Arctic, that wolves don't waste any part of their meals. A wolf will eat every part of an arctic hare, including the skin, fur, and bones.

4764. Fact
Pigs cannot sweat because they don't have sweat glands. Instead, they roll around in mud to keep cool.

4765. Fact
India is the leading film making country in the world. More than twice as many films are made in India each year than in France, the third highest film producers in the world.

4766. Fact
Some toothpastes contain antifreeze.

4767. Fact
A lost world exists in the Indonesian jungle that is home to dozens of hitherto unknown animal and plant species.

4768. Fact
If you can see a rainbow you must have your back to the sun.

4769. Fact
80% of people that are on weight loss programs exercise on average three times a week

4770. Fact
A Cheetah at full speed takes strides of 8 meters.

4771. Fact
On October 15, 1794, the first silver dollar coins were released to be circulated to the public

4772. Fact
French artist, Michel Vienkot, uses cow dung as paint when he creates his pictures

4773. Fact
Eyes are always the same size from birth but our nose and ears never stop growing.

4774. Fact
Coca-Cola's 'Super Pure'Dasani bottled water is just filtered tap water.

4775. Fact
7.5 million toothpicks can be created from a cord of wood.

4776. Fact
The original name for the butterfly was 'flutterby'.

4777. Fact
If an identical twin grows up without having a certain tooth, the other twin will most likely also grow up with that tooth missing

4778. Fact
The Pacific Ocean was named by Magellen because it was calmer than the Atlantic.

4779. Fact
80% of men and 54% of women feel it's OK to have a one-night stand.

4780. Fact
German Shepherds bite humans more than any other breed of dog.

4781. Fact
The largest single flower is the Rafflesia or corpse flower. They are generally 3 feet in diameter with the record being 42 inches.

4782. Fact
The Planters Peanut Company mascot, Mr. Peanut, was created during a contest for schoolchildren in 1916

4783. Animal Facts
If a lizard loses its tail, it can grow a new one.

4784. Fact
Approximately 20% of Americans have a passport.

4785. Fact
The national sport of Japan is sumo wrestling

4786. Fact
New York City's nickname the Big Apple is named after an early swing-dance that originated in a South Carolina club (which used to be a church) called The Big Apple.

4787. Fact
Before 1859, baseball umpires were seated in padded chairs behind home plate.

4788. Fact
An owl cannot move it's eyeballs in its eye sockets.

4789. Fact
During World War II, the British Intelligence used the Colossus Machines (precursor to computers) at Bletchley Park to help decode the enigma code of the Nazis.

4790. Fact
George Washington's teeth were actually: carved from animal tusks, some of them were also somebody else's teeth, and some of them were from animals like deer and cales.

4791. Fact
Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.

4792. Fact
An iguana can stay under water for 28 minutes.

4793. Fact
The state of California has more 7-Eleven stores than any other state. There are approximately 1,200 stores

4794. Fact
Quality standards for pasta were set in the 13th century by the Pope

4795. Fact
An ear of corn consists of 80% water



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Weather conditions

Look at this list of common weather words. Notice that it is very common to form adjectives by adding -y.

Note: When it rains for a short period of time, we call it a shower, e.g. We had several showers yesterday afternoon.
When it is raining a lot we often say its pouring or its pouring with rain. This phrase is much more common than its raining cats and dogs, which many students seem to learn.


People round the world have different ideas about temperature:
5C (five degrees centigrade) is freezing for many Brazilians.
-10C (minus ten degrees or ten degrees below zero) is very cold but quite normal in the mountains in Switzerland during the winter when it usually snows a lot.
30-35C is boiling for England and very unusual, but it is very common in parts of Spain during the summer.


The first word here is very gentle; the last is more than 100 km per hour and can be very dangerous.

a breeze a wind a strong wind a gale a hurricane

It was a hot day but there was a lovely breeze.
The wind blew my hat off.
The hurricane in Florida destroyed trees and buildings.


A spell (= period) of very hot weather often ends with a thunderstorm. First it becomes very humid (= hot and wet), then you get thunder and lightning, and finally, very heavy rain (= it pours with rain). Afterwards, it is usually cooler and it feels fresher.
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