Ordering of Words in a Sentence
Directions: In the following items some parts of the sentence have been jumbled up. You are required to re-arrange these parts that are labeled P, Q, R and S to produce the correct sentence.

1. (1) Though the exact dimensions
(P) involved in the rocket
(Q) and the precise amounts Mit is clear that such a large scale operation
(S) are yet to be ascertained, (6) could not have been possible without the connivance of officials at various levels.

2. It is not, therefore
(P) that I pay a tribute
(Q) to conductors as a class
(R) with any feeling of unfriendliness
(S) to a particular'member of that class

3. Georgian loyalists and rebel forces
(P) after a week of fighting
(Q) agreed to
(R) a ceasefire today
(S) in which 51 people were killed

4. (P) I wonder
(Q) whenever I decide to go to the cinema
(R) with my moped
(S) why I always have trouble

5. (P)the morning session lasting three hours, was spent
(Q) mainly on reviewing
(R) in the fourth round of talks
(S)the implementation of the decisions taken

6. (1) Ashoka was successful
(P) by the cruelty and horrors of war
(Q) he was so disgusted
(R) in his military operations
(S) and alone among conquerors,
(6) that he renounced it

7. (1) Many people
(P) that the government can always pay out money quite easily,
(Q) that the government can only pay out money
(R) seem to think
(S) but they forget
(6) that it has received in taxes.

8. If
(P) a foreigner wishes to
(Q) learn standard English
(R) learn English
(S) he will, of course.

9. (1) In this way, balancing his accounts
(P) would bring about
(Q) only extreme non-violence,
(R) with violence and non-violence,
(S) Gandhi concluded that
(6) the end of British rule.

10. He said that those who
(P) would miss a very interesting game
(Q) to be played
(R) between two famous teams
(S) would not accompany him

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