esl-efl test - 138

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1. The weather forecast says it ________ snow tomorrow.

2. It happened ___ the floods.

3. ________ hurt you?

4. What do you think ________ happen at the meeting this afternoon?

5. It happened ________ my lunchbreak.

6. I learned French ________ I was working in a wine bar in Paris.

7. I wish I _________, but I am so busy that I don't have the time.

8. I fell alseep _________ I was watching the film.

9. I wish I _________ that yesterday.

10. We had a lot of trouble ________ the journey.

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Prefer to, not from

Don't Say:
I prefer a blue pen from a red one.

I prefer a blue pen to a red one.

Also preferable to. This car is preferable fo my old one.
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