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1. If I were at home, I'd be in bed.

2. If ________ class doesn't stop making so much noise, I'm going to go and tell them to shut up.

3. I stopped ________ buy a newspaper.

4. You take our books and I'll take ________

5. I stopped ________ have a break.

6. If you need to speak to me, call me on my mobile.

7. She was promoted ________ her dedication.

8. I stopped _________ a break.

9. The flat we looked at today was better than ________ two we saw at the weekend.

10. He didn't do ________ to pass the exam

English Test

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    Heavy users of microscopes

    A regional survey of cytotechnologists (heavy users of microscopes) found that slightly over 70 percent reported having neck, shoulder, or upper back symptoms, while 56 percent had an increased incidence of hand and wrist symptoms. Other studies have revealed that approximately 80 percent of microscopists in all fields have experienced job related musculoskeletal pain and that 20 percent have missed work because of medical problems related to microscope use. The rather high 5 to 10 year dropout rate for cytotechnologists is attributed, in part, to physical discomfort associated with long hours examining specimens through the microscope. A majority of reported problems occur with the neck, back, shoulders, and arms, but there is also a percentage of microscopists reporting discomfort with their eyes.

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