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1. Which is the correct spelling?

2. Which is the correct spelling?

3. Which is the correct spelling?

4. I was amazed by the things ________ we heard.

5. _________ is no one in the room.

6. Some things ________ occurred were predictable.

7. Which is the correct spelling?

8. Anything ________ she says is bound to be rubbish.

9. I am angry with both of ________

10. Which is the correct spelling?

English Test

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    El Salvador

    Exit Country Code + 503 + The Number

    The El Salvador country code is 503. The nationality of El Salvador is Salvadorans.The capital of El Salvador is San SalvadorLargest Cities in El Salvador by population: San Salvador, Santa Ana, Soyapango, San Miguel, Apopa, Mejicanos, Ciudad Delgado, Santa Tecla, Ilopango, San Martin. Local Telephone Prefix: No trunk codes in El Salvador, just dial direct when calling domestic.

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