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1. She's been going ________ with her boyfriend since they were at university

2. I was really surprised when my dog attacked the postman; he really went ________ him

3. The judge found ________ the defendant even though everybody believed she was guilty

4. I just didn't have time to get ________ to finishing my work

5. The doctors thought that he was going to die. They had given him ________ for dead

6. Shall we get ________ for a drink at the weekend?

7. You must keep it secret; I don't want anyone to find ________

8. Helen got ________ her bike and rode off

9. I find it really hard to get ________ to work until I've read the newspaper

10. The date of the election will be given ________ on the news tonight

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    Love Compatibility between Scorpio and Pisces

    Scorpio and Pisces
    - Love Compatibility Profile :

    When Scorpio and Pisces make a love match, theirs is a splendid union of much respect and understanding. These mates share the same Element -- Water -- and thus have keen insight into one another's minds and hearts. Scorpio is very profound and covert, often caught up in their own secret plans, while Pisces is idealistic and looks for the nuances of a situation. However, Pisces also has a tendency to withdraw into their own mind, and can forgive Scorpio for being mysterious or withdrawn at times.
    Both Signs are intuitive and in touch with the subtleties of human interaction. Scorpio can help Pisces fulfill dreams and ambitions -- to turn ideas into reality. The Scorpion will provide a steadfast foundation for the relationship to revolve around, and the more ephemeral and intuitive Fish will become entangled in Scorpio's web. In return, Pisces offers gentleness, kindness, and sympathy, which Scorpio admires and appreciates. Scorpio is interested in certain material comforts and intense emotional dramas, and at times cannot understand the simplistic, charitable attitude of Pisces. Their long-term aspirations can be completely unalike. Once they can understand and overcome this difference, theirs will be a very rewarding relationship.
    Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio, and Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces. Mars is the ancient God of War, and Scorpio individuals are living proof of this aggressive, courageous, daring and sometimes-belligerent influence. When Pluto combines with Mars, Pluto comes to symbolize new beginnings. Scorpio can take it, but they can also most certainly give it. Jupiter's rule of Pisces represents philosophy, expansion and excesses. The Neptunian influence gives Pisces a dreamy aura and a love for popular culture and media. Pisces dreamy, ethereal energy softens their Scorpio love's rough edges. The composite power of these four planets creates a balanced relationship, one of drama and emotional intrigue; this is a true celestial bond. However, a Scorpio mate must let their beloved Fish swim about a bit; a sensitive Pisces will suffocate under too many demands.
    Scorpio and Pisces are both Water Signs. They're so compatible because Water is a tangible, physical entity, and both Signs appreciate and use this characteristic to their advantage. The destiny of a Pisces is to bring people together, and when this energy meets Scorpio's intensity and tenacity, there is no stronger bond. Also, Scorpio has an absolutist view of life; everything is either golden or tarnished. A patient Pisces opens the world up to their Scorpio mate, allowing them to see the bigger picture rather than just all that minute detail. Scorpio could grow weary of Pisces's unsteadiness, and Pisces may see Scorpio as self-absorbed and insensitive to their emotional needs. Still, it's not beyond these partners to seek out and find a compromise.
    Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, and Pisces is a Mutable Sign. Scorpio puts their energy into one thing at a time, but Pisces skips around to wherever their feelings take them. Pisces, as a Mutable Water Sign, then, molds easily into their Scorpio lover's life and pastimes. In turn, Scorpio needs to give Pisces the freedom to enjoy personal interests. A Pisces can show a Scorpio that flexibility can be fun and exciting, that compromise can be reached without a big fight or struggle. The energies of a Scorpio and a Pisces feed off of one another's energy well, making for a powerful and emotionally satisfying union.
    What's the best thing about a Scorpio-Pisces love match? Their similarly intense emotional natures, their shared sensitivity to the undercurrents of life, to the more ethereal magic of love. This is a relationship of harmony and fulfillment. Scorpio and Pisces both live empathetically and seek true, profound commitments, and this connection will keep the ties strong and their love enduring.

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