ESL-EFL Test - 103

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1. I ________ many things living so far from home.

2. My dog got out of the garden and went _________ for hours.

3. We ________ the turning and drove straight on for miles.

4. Which is the American spelling?

5. ________ out! There's some water on the floor.

6. I ________ the train this morning.

7. He ________ a lot of money gambling.

8. I ________ my way and took hours to find the house.

9. The police are _________ the house in case the criminals come back.

10. He's ________ in bed all day reading the newspaper.

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Basic English Usage
Go on (continue) + -ing

Don't Say:
The music went on to play all day.

The music went on playing all day.

Also keep on: She kept on playing the piano.
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