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1. If you hang out with people, you spend time socially with them.

2. If you exchange something old as part of the price of something new, you trade it in.

3. If you grow too big to wear clothes, you grow away from them.

4. If you have a day off, you don't go to work.

5. If you have a poker face, you don't show any emotion.

6. If you fly by the seat of your pants, you do something easily because you are familiar with it.

7. If you have friends round, you tell them exactly what you think of them.

8. If you have an ace up your sleeve, you have a secret advantage that you can use.

9. If you hang back, you don't move forwards.

10. If you hang with someone, you wait for them.

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    Learn to recognise paragraph structure. This often involves spotting the relationship between the main ideas and supporting ideas in a paragraph. Paragraphs are most frequently descending, i.e. they begin with the main idea somewhere near the start and develop from there, although some, frequently the first and last paragraphs of a text, are ascending the main idea is located towards the end. This can be particularly helpful when matching headings to paragraphs.

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