Vocabulary Examination - Sentence Completion
These tests improve your vocabulary, ability to follow the internal logic of sentences and elimination skill process.

1. The owners of the bed-and-breakfast were extremely ________ to their guests, who enjoyed elegant meals, prompt service, and beautifully decorated rooms.

2. If you can adhere to the ________ rules of a military society, the Marines may be an excellent career choice.

3. The massage therapistís ________ fingers quickly eased the tension in Blancheís back.

4. Abdul found his ten-hour shifts at the paper clip factory repetitive and ________.

5. Not swayed by his studentís ________ flattery, the professor told him that his grade would not be changed.

6. The cruise shipís deliciously appetizing dinner buffets encouraged ________ among the vacationing passengers.

7. Jadeís parents were in ________ about the decision not to allow her to drive the family car to the prom; they both agreed that it would be unsafe.

8. Indigestion is a common ________ of participating in a hot-dog eating contest.

9. Staring at the ________ crystal blue water of the sea, Eileen thought she had never seen anything so beautiful.

10. The rowdy crowd at the music concert ________ Herve, and he spilled his soda on his pants.

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    Heavyweight rowers of both sexes tend to be very tall, broadshouldered, have long arms and legs as well as tremendous cardiovascular capacity and very low body fat ratios. Olympic or International level heavyweight male oarsmen are typically anywhere between 190 cm and 206 cm 63 to 69 tall with most being around 198 cm 66 and weighing approximately 102 kg 225 lb with about 6 to 7% body fat.Heavyweight women are slightly shorter at around 186 cm 61 and lighter than their male counterparts.

    Some rowing enthusiasts claim that the disproportionate number of tall rowers is simply due to the unfair advantage that tall rowers have on the ergometer. This is due to the ergometers inability to properly simulate the larger rowers drag on a boat due to weight. Since the ergometer is used to assess potential rowers, results on the ergometer machine play a large role in a rowers career success. However, since crew selection has favored tall rowers long before the advent of the ergometer,and bigger, taller crews are almost universally faster than smaller, shorter crews on the water, being tall is a definite advantage ultimately having little to do with the ergometer.

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