General English Questions and Answers

1. The bank will simply not let you ________ any money unless you can prove that you have been in regular employment for at least three years.

2. There is quite a heavy financial ________ attached to any action that involves late payment of taxes.

3. If you are self-employed, you must make sure that you ________ the form indicating how much you have earned.

4. As all advisers always do, she stressed that investing in this particular market had to be considered as a ________ commitment over at least 10 years.

5. The present finance minister has adopted a very ________ approach towards change and always follows a very cautious policy.

6. Under the rules laid down by the bank there is a ________ on the amount of money you can get out from a cash machine in any one day.

7. The representative of the financial consultants assured her that the policy of the firm was that of complete ________ .

8. The best way to develop an income for the future is to invest in a series of companies and in that way to build up a ________ .

9. If the department agrees that you have paid too much tax in the year, you will receive a ________ in due course.

10. It's a personal matter whether you choose stock from this company or from that because in the end it's an ________ of mind.

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