General English Questions and Answers

1. Before you start applying for any job, you must be absolutely sure you have the right paper ________ .

2. In advance of drawing up the job specification and advertisement, you have to sit down and work out the ________ you have in mind for the ideal employee.

3. I think you were asking too much of that new member of staff when you expected her to ________ with a cost-cutting scheme.

4. These pots are being sold as seconds because each one has a slight ________ in the glaze.

5. Before these articles leave the factory to be forwarded to the retailer, each one is thoroughly ________ .

6. The reason why I always buy my clothes at this store is because all the ________ they sell are of very high quality.

7. A newsletter is sent out every ten days to all the staff so that they receive a regular ________ on recent appointments.

8. The advantages of working for this company is that all employees ________ themselves as a member of the team.

9. As soon as the ________ arrive, it will be your job to show them round the work place and give them a general history of the company for which they want to work.

10. Since 1993 or if you like within the last ________ there have been many products that have failed because of poor marketing.

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