General English Questions and Answers

1. They came straight out with their complaint ________ no bones about it whatsoever.

2. In that particular industry everyone has to look after themselves because the law of the ________ rules.

3. If you go to an unauthorized garage to have your car serviced, the ________ is that your warranty will be invalid.

4. You sometimes have to ________ very seriously whether to buy a second hand car which has no guarantee.

5. It's impossible to say exactly why I think that's the case. All I can say is that I ________ it in my bones.

6. It was a miracle that he was still alive as he hadn't eaten for weeks and when they found him he was just ________ and bone.

7. Although the TV programme was funny, my aunt was a bit shocked because some of the jokes were a bit ________ the bone.

8. After the first revolution the dictator no longer had much control and became just a paper ________ .

9. A warranty is to be looked on as a sort of ________ between the manufacturer and you.

10. However angry you may get at what someone has done to you, the police always advise you not to take the law into your own ________ .

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