General English Test - 03

General English Questions and Answers

1. She was a very famous film star some 40 years ago but now she's regarded as unimportant a sort of back ________ .

2. I strongly recommend that restaurant as I was very ________ with how quickly they brought the food.

3. I can ________ you that the duties are not in any way complicated.

4. As we have all worked very hard this year, I'm hoping that our efforts will bear ________ .

5. She puts it another way and says she will be able to make an ________ man of me.

6. And now I come to a very important ________ I want to ask of you.

7. It is customary for the office junior to make a ________ of what each colleague wants from the sandwich bar.

8. He's one of those irritating people who manages within a few minutes of meeting someone to ________ their back up.

9. The other night we went to a French restaurant and it ________ to Charles to translate everything on the menu for us.

10. Quite honestly the two cases are so completely different that they really don't bear ________ .

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Makeover Tips for Lips

Use concealer on lips

I first like to start off with applying a small amount of concealer to my lips to nude out my natural lip color and to help me form perfect straight lines. This also gives you the opportunity to change your lip shape once you start applying lip liner.

Both yet and already are used with the present perfect tense.
  • Already is usually used in positive sentences.
  • Yet is usually used in questions and negative sentences.

    Imagine that you and your friend are going to travel. There are many things to do, and you ask your friend if he has done these things:
  • Have you bought the tickets yet?
  • Have you arranged a taxi yet?
  • Have you reserved the hotel room yet?
  • Have you packed the bags yet?

    In all the examples, use yet at the end of the question. Your friend might answer:
  • Yes, I've already bought the tickets.
  • Yes, I've already arranged a taxi.
  • No, I haven't reserved the room yet.
  • No, I haven't packed the bags yet.

    Use already in the positive answers, and yet in the negative answers.

    There is one time you can use already in questions: it's when something happens earlier than expected. If your son finishes his homework in just 15 minutes, you could ask: "Have you already finished your homework?!" because you were expecting it to take more time.

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