General English Questions and Answers

1. The more the authorities try to conceal what is happening, the more it fuels ________ about what might be happening.

2. One solution that has been suggested to control credit is to ________ the regulations to make it more difficult to get credit in the first place.

3. Mind you it has to be a convincing article because the reading public can soon see through the ________ of a weak argument.

4. So many of these animals have been shot over the years that they are now classed as ________ species.

5. Job losses are mainly in the ________ sectors of the industry.

6. The main problem is that a debt ________ has developed recently believing that it is cool to owe large sums of money.

7. Views as to his guilt or innocence even before the trial started ________ from utter conviction that he was guilty to wild support for his innocence.

8. In reality it's a very long ________ to get from owing to paying off all your debts.

9. The last possible thing that anyone wants to happen to their country is to turn it into a ________ for troublemakers.

10. Once this disclosure is ________ it's the job of the journalist to follow it through to a satisfactory conclusion.

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