General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. Alice: He was really good in that. Oh look, he's suddenly stopped and started ________ .

2. Employee: No problem. ________ you are.

3. Mary: I've got it. ________ it's Dobson. Yes, that's it Michael Dobson.

4. The teacher asked the noisy students to ________ talking.

5. Michael Dobson: I'm very ________, ladies you know who I am. Now can you stop talking so that we can get on with the play?

6. You have to ________ smoking because it's not good for you!

7. Old lady: Well you see this supermarket is so big I can't find the way ________ I've been here since Tuesday!

8. The train to Rotterdam ________ at 6 pm sharp.

9. Woman: Sorry to hear that. That must have been a ________ .

10. Mary: Yes, Michael Dobson he was in that new ________ as the detective.

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