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Oddly enough ...... the prestige of USA in countries like Britain, France and Italy is considered important here, Congress has been ...... about supplying funds to the US Information Agency in these countries.

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    Wild asparagus (E), Shatavar (H):

    Shatavari can mean 'one hundred roots' (literally 'one hundred below') but is commonly referred to as 'the woman who has a hundred husbands'. As this name suggests it is a renowned tonic for the female reproductive system. It is also a superb anti-inflammatory.

    Gynaecology Shatavari is the foremost uterine tonic. Primarily used as a menstrual regulator in dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia and menstrual irregularity. As pitta dosa moves in both the blood and the artavasrotas, the cycle is often disturbed by excess heat. This heat can condense the blood (due to dehydration), cause it to move too quickly (due to its catalytic activity), cause it to overflow (due to its 'rebellious' nature) and cause inflammations (due to its irritating tendency). Its affinity for s´ukra dhatu tonifies female fertility; the unctuous properties increase the reproductive fluids, enhancing both conception and uterine strength. It can be used to help prevent miscarriage. Shatavari is very useful in menopausal symptoms with hot flushes, irritability, irregular memory and dryness. Lactation Its nourishing effect on rasa dhatu makes it a specific for increasing milk flow and quantity. Digestion Its unctuous, bitter and sweet qualities soothe inflammation of the mucous membranes with high pitta; colitis, Crohn's disease, dysentery with bleeding, inflammation and pain. It is specifically active against Entamoeba histolytica. For conditions of gastric hyperacidity (amlapitta) with sour reflux and burning in the stomach it is a cooling anti-inflammatory. Its demulcent properties are specifically useful for healing bleeding ulcers and gastritis . Lungs Where there is inflammation from dryness and heat shatavari increases moisture. Used in dry cough, sore throat and haemoptysis. Male fertility Whenever there is low sperm count and irregularity consider using shatavari. Urine Very useful in dysuria with hot and smelly urine with haematuria. Anabolic Shatavari's rasayana properties increase mamsa dhatu building body mass, muscle tissue and nourishing the blood. It nourishes ojas and can enhance immunity in the treatment of cancer. Nerves It nourishes majja dhatu and calms the nerves. It specifically nourishes the brain and reduces vata disorders; spasms, pain and insomnia.

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