Test # 249 [07-Mar-2018]

Hitler cast a ...... and ...... shadow upon world history.

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    Clematis recta
    Clematis, upright virginís bower.

    Key Uses:
  • Abnormal urine flow
  • Moist, itchy pustules on the back of the head or skull
  • Skin complaints
  • Swollen glands, especially of prostate, testes, ovaries, or breasts
  • Urethral inflammation

    Origin : Native to central and southern Europe.

    Background : This plant irritates the skin on contact, but is used by herbalists to treat sores, skin ulcers, and itchy rashes.

    Preparation : The fresh leaves and stems of the plant are macerated in alcohol.

    Remedy Profile : People for whom Clematis is best suited tend to be peevish, dissatisfied, and prone to melancholy or homesickness. Despite apathy toward friends, they generally fear being alone. They often feel confused in stuffy rooms, and improve in open air.
    Clematis is strongly indicated for skin complaints and swollen glands, especially if they arise simultaneously or if there is a history of both conditions. The remedy is given for moist, itchy, sensitive pustules that erupt on the back of the head or skull.
    Gland symptoms that indicate Clematis include hardness, swelling, and pain. The prostate, testes, ovaries, or breasts are most often affected. Further related symptoms may include urethral inflammation, which causes an aversion to sexual intercourse, and abnormal urine flow. The right side of the body is usually particularly affected. Clematis may also be given for a toothache that is worse for hot drinks, better for the cold.

    Symptoms Better : For sweating; for open air; during a waning moon.

    Symptoms Worse : At night; for cold air; for bathing in cold water; for the heat of the bed; for touch; for movement; during a new moon.

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