Daily English Quiz 220

Test # 220 [06-Feb-2018]

(1) There are
(P) laid on school games
(Q) who support the emphasis
(R) still those devotees of sport
(S) and for whom sports is
(6) a kind of religion.

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Tips for Portfolio Photography

Choose an appropriate carrier for the portfolio that can be assembled in a myriad of methods

A bound book of selected works is a possibility as is a collection posted on a website. The target audience is the important consideration when choosing a carrier for the portfolio. Traditional artists may prefer printed images, while others might prefer the convenience of a website.
Decide on the target audiences before you start if possible. This may save you time and money. Multiple portfolios will require multiple prints. Photographs are easily copied from one digital portfolio to another, but prints take time and energy. Making multiple copies at one time and in one place will be less expensive and time consuming if plans are organized ahead of the start.

Basic English Usage
Very and Too - Too

Don't Say:
It's now very hot to play football.

It's now too hot to play football.

Very simply makes the adjective or adverb stronger. Too means more than enough, or so much that something else happens as a result.
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