Test # 203 [20-Jan-2018]

Atypical Prakash Padukone day
(P) or even a game oftennis
(Q) starts off
(R) on some days
(S) with an early morning

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  • Precaution while using WiFi

    Don t Share Anything

    Your home network should let you share files and devices easily. That way, you can do things like use your tablet to access files on your desktop computer. Sharing is great at home, but it s a liability on public Wi Fi. Considering that you probably don t have password protections on all of your files, literally anyone could browse through your computer. It doesn t take any special skills. When your computer is set to share, it s basically begging for other devices to take its information. If you have a Windows operating system, you can automatically block sharing by choosing the andpublicand network setting. You can also do this manually under Change Advanced Sharing Settings.

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