Test # 88

You'd rather I kept quiet about it, ________ ?

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    Lotech Mercedes Benz C1000 268mph

    This crazylooking contraption might be old, but its still brilliant and very exclusive indeed. This 1995 Lotec C1000, effectively a Sauber Mercedes Le Mans racer underneath, used a 5.6litre V8 twinturbo engine which kicked out 850hp and 722lb ft of torque, although theres a rumour the Lotec actually hit 1,000hp, hence the name.

    Still, the quoted output was apparently good enough for 268mph flat out thats as fast as a Bugatti Veyron SuperSport over 10 years earlier. The 062mph sprint took 3.2 seconds, which is quick enough in anyones book. Back in the mid90s it cost around ?3.4 million to build.

    Chourishi Systems