Test # 72

What ________ to be the trouble?

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    Portable Chin Rest

    A chinrest is a shaped piece of wood (or plastic) attached to the body of a violin or a viola to aid in the positioning of the player jaw or chin on the instrument.The chinrest may be made of ebony, rosewood, boxwood, or plastic.It was invented by Louis Spohr in the early 19th century historically, this has been explained as a response to increasingly difficult repertoire which demanded freer left hand techniques than had previously been used however, Spohr intended his small block attached to the bout to protect the tailpiece, which he reportedly broke with his vigorous playing.However, after being promoted by prominent violinists of the day, such as Pierre Baillot and Giovanni Battista Viotti, it gained quick acceptance among most violists violinists and is today considered a standard part of the viola and violin.

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