Test # 49

Customer: Have you had a chance to ________ at my car yet?

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    Get your grip straight

    How the racquet is gripped can have a serious effect on gameplay. Two grips are acceptable and each is used to hit the ball in different ways. The method will depend upon your skill and the way in which the ball has been hit towards you.Forehand grip. Hold the racquet the same way you would shake someones hand and then curl your fingers around it. There should be a slight space between your fingertips and the heel of your palm. Your fingers should be low on the handle without going off the edge. Avoid holding the racquet so that it is perpendicular to your arm as this will make it harder to serve.Backhand grip. This is done by holding the racquet in the standard forehand grip and then turning the racquet roughly ? clockwise. This is a difficult grip to master but gives the player a more powerful swing.

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