Elementary Grammar Test 48

Test # 48

Mrs Ashton: Excuse me but do you know ________ this train is going to London?

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The worlds most Powerful Road Cars


First things first that is not a Lada Niva Marsh. It is in fact a Lada Niva Cossack. The 1990s style graphics along the side may have given the game away. But it did form the basis of the Lada Niva Marsh. In 1998, a Lada Niva reached the North Pole, having been dropped by parachute and then completing the trek under its own steam. A Niva Marsh did it again in 1999 and then once again in 2000. A proper warrior.

Things that go wrong in houses and flats

Everyday minor injuries

Other everyday problems

- Iíve mislaid Bobís letter. Have you seen it anywhere? [put it somewhere and canít find it]
- She spilt some coffee on the carpet. I hope it doesnít stain, [leave a permanent mark]
- I overslept this morning and was half an hour late for work.
- Iíve locked myself out. Can I use your phone to ring my wife?
- The car wonít start. I hope itís nothing serious.
- The kitchen clockís slow/fast/stopped. What time díyou make it?
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