Test # 36

Waiter: What would you like to ________ with, sir?

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    Improving your game

    Watch other players. The best place to watch upper level broomball is at the National Championships. Class A and B teams travel to play in this tournament and 90% of those teams hail from Minnesota. Teams such as Inferno and former powerhouses, USA Blue and Minnesota Red, have upset teams from Canada to win international tournaments. These teams, and their players, compete in indoor leagues six to nine months out of the year at Augsburg College and Schwan Super Rink.

    If you cant make it to a National Championship, find the highest level of game played in your area. Keep in mind that this could be a college in your area. Dont be afraid to enter a tournament. These are listed on the Future Tournaments page and you will find tournaments held in Ohio, Washington, DC, New York, Nebraska and Nevada.

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