Elementary Grammar Test 192

Test # 192

My uncle died ________ the war.

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Habits That Will Make You Successful Early In Life

Habits 9

Choose your words wisely. Know what to say and when to say it. For those situations when you dont actually have results to show, the right words can help you turn the situation around and save your dignity. And, someone who can speak well is always an important asset to the company. Every company is looking for a face, someone who can say the fanciest things about the company in the most convincing way, someone who can represent a whole company.

Things that go wrong in houses and flats

Everyday minor injuries

Other everyday problems

- Iíve mislaid Bobís letter. Have you seen it anywhere? [put it somewhere and canít find it]
- She spilt some coffee on the carpet. I hope it doesnít stain, [leave a permanent mark]
- I overslept this morning and was half an hour late for work.
- Iíve locked myself out. Can I use your phone to ring my wife?
- The car wonít start. I hope itís nothing serious.
- The kitchen clockís slow/fast/stopped. What time díyou make it?
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