Elementary Grammar Test 163

Test # 163

I think it would be a good idea to ________ in your letter that you have worked in that type of business previously.

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Most Beautiful Christian College and University Campuses in the World

Howard Payne University Brownwood Texas

Guy D. Newman served in the role of Howard Payne University s president from 1955 to 1973 and oversaw the development of the most awe inspiring edifice on the school s verdant 80 acre campus. The building that would become the Douglas MacArthur Academy of Freedom was constructed in 1890 and was originally part of Daniel Baker College until the college amalgamated with Howard Payne University in 1953. The Brownwood, Texas based university moved to renovate the historic building in the 1960s, and the stunning sandstone, spire topped facility was dedicated in 1969. As well as housing a library, classrooms and some of the school s academic departments, the Academy of Freedom is graced by a gleaming glass frontage and all told it arguably looks like something from a fairy tale. Founded in 1889, Howard Payne University is a Baptist General Convention of Texas affiliated institution that currently educates over 1,000 students.

Sleep and wake are verbs (although we usually use "wake up" for when you stop sleeping, and "go to sleep" for the moment when you begin sleeping):
  • My kids go to sleep at 10 PM.
  • I slept during the 6-hour flight.
  • I wake up at 7 AM and I have to be at work by 8.
  • Yesterday I woke up late because my alarm didn't go off.

    You can also use wake up for the action of making someone else stop sleeping:
  • Don't talk so loudly! You'll wake up the baby!
  • Your sister is taking a short nap. Can you wake her up in about 20 minutes? Awake and asleep are adjectives. Use them with the verb to be:
  • He's awake. = He isn't sleeping.
  • He's asleep. = He is sleeping.

    It's common to use the expressions stay awake / stay up (to continue awake) and fall asleep (to begin sleeping):
  • On New Year's Eve, my children stay awake until midnight.
  • I always fall asleep in history class - it's so boring!

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