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There are no problems for me because I find those questions very ________ .

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    The use of salad has become so popular among people, that of late, not only during occasions and in restaurants, salads have become a part of our everyday diet. Salads are of many kinds: fruit salad, vegetable salad; some are to be taken with meal and some are meant for lunch. Dohkhlieh of Meghalaya is a delicious salad which is made of pork, onion and chilly. We all know the nutritious value of salad. Salad has lots of ingredients that are very good for health. Salad is very good for skin and helps to enhance the external as well as internal glow of the skin and in some cases it is helpful in reducing fat also. Dohkhlieh is a special kind of a non vegetable salad which is made with pork. The pork is firstly chopped in desired shapes; preferably in small pieces. Then it is boiled in water for a couple of minutes until the flesh becomes completely boiled. Once the pork gets boiled then it is removed from the heat and kept for a while to make it dry. After that the water is drained off from the pork and then chopped onion and green chilly is sprinkled over the salad. Salt should be added to Dohkhlieh according to ones taste. Now take a spoon and mix the things together. You can also decorate the salad according to your choice. Take the whole mixture in dish and then you can use beans, tomatoes and carrots to give this salad an impressive look. The Meghalayan salad Dohkhlieh is a very tasty item to relish with lunch or dinner. Pork salad Dohkhlieh is very tasty and a famous food item of Meghalaya.

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