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You look ________ in that dress, Amanda. How beautiful you are.

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“Know what tools you have to fulfill your purpose.”
? Steve Maraboli

You are such a lucky English learner, because there are so many wonderful resources online to help speed up your learning today. We’ve already mentioned a few amazing resources. Like Skype and Italki.com for speaking daily with native speakers. Vis-Ed.com, Anki App and Google Images for flashcards. TuneIn.com and Youtube.com for listening daily.

Here are 21 more resources that will make your learning journey so much easier and quicker!

My Language Exchange

Like italki.com, this site allows you to set up Skype conversation exchanges with native English speakers who are learning your language. It’s perfect for the number one rule of language-learning –start speaking every day!
No matter what your native language is, there will be native English speakers looking to practice it. You could even share the techniques in this book with them and becomes speed-language learning partners!


This is another site offering the same conversation swapping as My Language Exchange.


What a fun and easy addition to your collection of learning tools. This site is carefully designed to give you sentences to translate at your level of English. It’s a good tool to mix in with your speaking every now and then. Because the sentences are taken from real written materials, you get a realistic selection of the most frequent words, phrases and sentence structures.

BBC English Language Resource

Play around with a huge amount of English lessons, games, tests, tips and resources. All free! The BBC has gone through a great deal of effort to illustrate particular areas of vocabulary or grammar in an entertaining and effective way. I recommend this resource for when you are unclear about some particular phrase or grammar point and want some extra direction.


A fantastic resource for intelligent listening and learning at the same time. You can watch any presentation on a subject you find interesting, and also read the transcript or watch with subtitles. For maximum benefit, arrange to talk about the content with someone afterwards. Ted talks are perfect for in-between conversation sessions.

As an English teacher this was one of my students’ most useful resources, because the presentations are short, clear, fascinating and use excellent English. You can also find presentations that particularly interest you. There’s nothing worse than talking about something you simply don’t care about (like you find in those terrible old English course books).


This is an excellent site for giving you extra mnemonics and tricks to help keep English words in your mind for good. It works well in coordination with certain tests in English, and also has collections of words by category and frequency (always go for high frequency words, of course). You can see the words, hear them spoken, see images to illustrate, and more. Explore the site and see how well it works for you.

iTranslate Voice App

An excellent app for quickly speaking and hearing the English version of any word you like. These sorts of apps are great for travelling, and also for very serious English-learners in everyday life. When a word jumps to your mind you can instantly hear it spoken.

One issue lots of students have when learning English is pronunciation. English is not phonetic, so unfortunately you really don’t know how a word sounds when you read it. If you are reading a book, keep this app or a similar one handy to hear how new words sound. Then you can use the memorization techniques in this book to memorize the word based on the sound, not the spelling alone.

Google Translate

Quickly translate any words or text with reasonable accuracy. You can even have it translate websites and any English text online for you.

It’s not the most accurate method, but it’s a great quick way to catch the meaning of new phrases and sentences. Treat this translator as a tool to point you in the right direction.

Kantaris Media Player

This media player allows you to automatically find subtitles for any movie or TV series. If you’re still at lower levels of English-learning, then subtitles can help you to enjoy a movie while also learning new words and sentences. Don’t forget all the tips on the optimal ways to watch movies from the chapter on listening skills.


A wonderful app that takes real life videos, commercials and news from online and turns them into English-learning experiences. See if you can find your favorite videos on here.

It’s always good to mix up fun ways to listen to English. Try all the suggestions in this book. You will probably find there are a few you really like. Maybe this will be one of them.

Open Language.com

This is a fantastic resource with all kinds of courses designed to get you through the European Common Framework of English. Use this site in combination with your SMART goals. It costs $30 a month, but if you put it to use it will pay for itself many times over.


This app helps you to remember words by using spaced repetition software, so that words are repeated at just the correct intervals for you to absorb them, and easily recall them. Like Anki App, this is a very important tool for the intelligent language-learner. It monitors your progress and plans out future lesson and flashcards based on how you are doing.


We love this app because it focuses on getting you speaking right away – through recording your voice, listening back and checking with what you’re learning. A great tool for in-between real speaking sessions. When you speak and really hear your own voice, you can progress so much more quickly. You become much more conscious of the sounds you are making, and your memory naturally works better.

The Polyglot Club

A great way to practice is to get around others who want to speak the language too. I do recommend
finding native speakers, but even being around others of your nationality can boost your morale. You
can probably find other English-learners nearby through the Polyglot Club, just remember to treat
them as training partners, not your main source of English practice. For that you need a native
speaker to progress at maximum speed.


This is another great way to meet with groups of English learners in your city. Also, you are likely to meet many native English-speaking travelers at your local Couchsurfing meetings. You have plenty of interesting things to talk about, and if you’re really adventurous and keen, you can offer to show native English speakers around your town and even let them stay at your place! Be prepared for lots of practice.


Another resource for finding other English-learners. You can also go along to meetups on other topics, but where they are speaking in English about that topic – this is ideal. A great combination of English practice and something you enjoy.


As we mentioned, one problem with English is words are often not phonetic. Their pronunciation is different to how they are spelt. With Forvo you can hear how any word is pronounced easily. Just ask and a native speaker will say it for you – a fantastic addition to many of the other tools here. Don’t be afraid to use this resource a lot. It’s instant access to native speakers so you can be 100% sure you are saying things correctly.


Like Forvo, here you can ask someone to speak any phrase for you to hear. A fantastic resource.


We’re focusing here on speaking and listening. But this site is so useful it’s worth mentioning. Every English learner needs to write sentences at some point. This service gives you free corrections on your written sentences. This can be useful for any time you are not sure how a sentences should be written. Again, use this resource a lot.

Benny Lewis Course & Blog

We have to recommend a couple of blogs which you can follow. Benny Lewis, a polyglot master of learning languages super-fast, has many useful systems and tips on how to speed up your Englishlearning. He teaches how to be fluent in 3 months. A great blog for regular inspiration and ideas.

Tim Ferriss Blog

Tim Ferriss is a master of speed learning in general – for any skill. But this is very applicable to English too. It’s certainly worth studying his posts and tips on how to learn any language seriously fast.
You now have more powerful English-learning resources at your fingertips for little or no cost than most English-learners who spend their lives sitting in expensive courses not progressing fast. Combine these resources carefully with the techniques and strategies that you are learning in this book. Experiment and see which ones work best for you, and you will start progressing at a much faster rate.
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