Test # 102

I am writing this letter to you as a sort of last ________ since all my attempts to phone you

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  • Connaught Place

    Palika bazaar

    Palika bazaar is also very popular which has always attracted tourists for its unique peculiarity of a wonderful shopping experience under one roof.The underground market is located in the inner circle of Connaught Place which can be reached from any point on the circumference of the inner circle.The specialty lies in its underground structure and the shops, who sell almost every thing a normal buyer would want to buy for his/her daily need and fashion.You can say that the place fulfills every shopping need.The market is ideally suited for shopping in summer and also in winters because people are saved from sprawling heat and cold respectively.It is famous for electronic goods, fashionable clothes, perfumes, leather goods, photography equipments, etc.The underground market has cafes and small eateries where you can enjoy some good snacks while you shop.The garden above the market is an ideal place to meet and date your friends.Spending some time in the garden really makes you feel good as it has a beautiful view of Connaught Place.With the advent of Metro service to Connaught Place, the market has regained its charm among youngsters who were shifting to latest malls and other shopping destinations.

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