Test # 40

Which of the following statements is true about overhead clearance?

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    walkabout character

    Hire the Snowman costume, which is a brilliant visual feature for Christmas events. Standing at a rather large 9ft tall, the Snowman isn t easy to miss You can use the costume as a stand alone prop amongst your Christmas setting, adding an impressive festive feeling. Or, alternatively, you can use the Snowman Costume as a walkabout character.You can climb in to the costume, strapping your feet into his boots, and allow it to inflate around you. You can then meet and greet your guests as they arrive and then go on to mix and mingle with guests at your Christmas party . Children will be in awe as they see this magical Christmas character come to life and take part in the festivities with them.

    It is possible to hire the costume from Sunshine Events, which you can collect from our office in Preston, or alternatively we can deliver the item to you. Should you choose to, invite the Fun Experts to your event and they can happily become the Snowman, allowing you to enjoy your Christmas celebrations.

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