driving test 35

Test # 35

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Before you make a U-turn in the road, you should

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Basic English Usage
  • can (verb) to know how to to be able to

    I think that I can climb that fence with little effort.

    may (verb) to be allowed to

    May I help you with those heavy bundles?

  • cent: (noun) one penny 1/100 of a dollar

    Lou found one cent under the couch.

    scent: (noun) a smell odor (verb) to smell to perceive with the nose

    Do you smell the scent of raccoon? (noun)

    I scent a raccoon around here. (verb)

  • cite: (verb) to quote

    A respected attorney will often cite several cases in her argument.

    site: (noun) piece of land; location

    Our favorite restaurant chain plans to build a new establishment on

    this site.

  • continual: (adjective) happening over and over again

    The continual good behavior of the class members earned them free

    time each Friday.

    continuous: (adjective) happening without interruption

    The continuous noise of the hammers and saws disturbed the workshop


  • doesnít: (contraction for does + not) does not

    Steven doesnít think that we will need three umbrellas for the

    beach today.

    donít: (contraction for do + not; considered substandard usage) do not

    or does not

    We donít know what the future will bring.
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