Overall stopping distance is made up of thinking and braking distance. You are on a good, dry road surface with good brakes and tyres. What is the typical BRAKING distance at 50 mph?

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    Cyclamen europaeum
    Cyclamen, sowbread.

    Key Uses:
  • Extreme indigestion that is aggravated by eating fats
  • Menstrual problems

    Origin : Found throughout Europe.

    Background : In the 1st century CE Pliny the Elder noted the use of this plant as an arrowhead poison in ancient Rome. The name “sowbread” refers to the medieval practice of feeding the roots to swine.

    Preparation : The fresh root, gathered in spring, is chopped and steeped in alcohol.

    Remedy Profile : Cyclamen is best suited to rather dutiful, conscience-stricken people who tend to find fault with themselves and others. Prone to drowsiness, gloominess, and depression, they may wish to be alone and cry or weep silently, or they may have a sense of joy that alternates with irritability.
    The symptom picture for Cyclamen typically focuses on menstrual problems and indigestion. The remedy is used when the menstrual flow is irregular, possibly too frequent, or absent. Blood flow may be profuse and black, or the blood may clot too rapidly, and there may be severe pains resembling those felt during labor. Migraines, a squint, or visual disturbances may accompany these symptoms.
    Extreme indigestion that is aggravated by eating fats is another condition suitable for treatment with Cyclamen.

    Symptoms Better : For movement; for rubbing the affected area; for weeping; during menstruation.

    Symptoms Worse : For cold; for open air; before menstruation; for suppression of menstrual flow due to shock or extreme cold; for sitting; for standing.

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