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1.an ancient Iranian language

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  • zenaidura macroura
  • zenaidura
  • zen buddhist
  • zen buddhism
  • zen
  • zeitgeist
  • zeidae
  • zeeman
  • zee
  • zed
  • zend-avesta
  • zenith
  • zenithal
  • zeno
  • zeno of citium
  • zeno of elea
  • zeolite
  • zeomorphi
  • zep
  • zephaniah
  • shouldered
  • titaness
  • glenn curtiss
  • despondent
  • dolman sleeve
  • joliot-curie
  • mahonia
  • dermochelyidae
  • ground cherry
  • wind cone

  • Idiom of the Day

    for the time being
    for now, for awhile
    We really need a new car but for the time being we will continue to use our old one.

    Sorry you'll have to speak ________ .

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  • Best Marwari Mehndi Designs

    Designs 2

    Some of us dont like very intricate patterns and details and want just some simple designs to try. So here we have a very simple design that keeps itself quite fuss free. The details are very less as compared to an average marwari Mehendi design. The design also shows a lot of open skin to make it look beautiful. We love the floral patterns and unique designs present here.

    Chourishi Systems