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1.seeking advancement or recognition
2.unfilled or frustrated in realizing an ambition

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  • wouk
  • wotan
  • worthy
  • worthwhileness
  • worthwhile
  • worthlessness
  • worthlessly
  • worthless
  • worthiness
  • worthily
  • wound
  • wound tumor virus
  • wound up
  • wounded
  • wounding
  • wove paper
  • woven
  • wow
  • wpm
  • wrack
  • shoddily
  • franz joseph haydn
  • bulk modulus
  • professionally
  • prionace
  • id
  • feodor dostoevski
  • leukoencephalitis
  • estonia
  • jacking off

  • Idiom of the Day

    give (someone) pause to think
    to cause someone to stop and think
    The accident on the highway gave everyone pause to think.

    If you are locked into a scheme, you are free to leave it.

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  • Benefits of Cloves


    The clove tree grows up to 8 to 12 meters, and is very abundant in countries in the Old World, such as Zanzibarand South Asian countries. The flowers are at first a pale color, turn green over time, and then become bright red when they are ready for harvesting. The window within which the flowers have to be harvested is very delicate, since otherwise the flowers lose their properties and volatile oils.

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