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1.having a twisting or snake-like or worm-like motion

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  • wiggliness
  • wiggler
  • wiggle room
  • wiggle nail
  • wiggle
  • wigging
  • wigged
  • wigeon
  • wig tree
  • wig
  • wiggly
  • wight
  • wigless
  • wigmaker
  • wigner
  • wigwag
  • wigwam
  • wikiup
  • wilbur wright
  • wild
  • formulary
  • scincid
  • substantial
  • self-winding
  • hell raising
  • benin
  • mahabharatum
  • metical
  • the whole way
  • therapeutics

  • Idiom of the Day

    change one`s mind
    to change one`s decision
    My friend changed his mind and will not go to the movie tonight.

    If someone hits on you, they ask you for money.

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    Leonardo DiCaprio posing in his younger days

    Sometimes, you have to do some very strange things to be discovered. DiCaprio was 21 years old when this happened, so he had already done a few high profile movies and tv shows. But there is little explanation out there as to why this photo shoot ever took place and what it is for. Also, are the photographers currently in the witness protection program for leaking this picture? They should be.

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