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1.a seaman who works on a ship that hunts whales
2.a ship engaged in whale fishing

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  • whalebone whale
  • whalebone
  • whaleboat
  • whale sucker
  • whale shark
  • whale oil
  • whale louse
  • whale
  • whacky
  • whacko
  • whalesucker
  • whaling gun
  • whaling ship
  • wham
  • whammy
  • whang
  • whap
  • wharf
  • wharf rat
  • wharfage
  • prosciuto
  • growing pains
  • snake-fish
  • blathering
  • anthropophagite
  • neolithic age
  • silicle
  • crypt
  • occluded
  • battle of bull run

  • Idiom of the Day

    to be raised in a barn
    to behave crudely like a barnyard animal
    When the boy did not shut the door his mother asked him if he had been raised in a barn.

    He ________ scorn and odium for his actions.

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