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1.deciduous shrub widely cultivated for its white or pink or red flowers

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  • wei dynasty
  • wei
  • wegener
  • weft
  • weewee
  • weevil
  • weepy
  • weeping willow
  • weeping tree broom
  • weeping spruce
  • weigela florida
  • weigh
  • weigh anchor
  • weigh down
  • weigh on
  • weigh the anchor
  • weighbridge
  • weighed down
  • weigher
  • weighing
  • genus alstonia
  • cushing's syndrome
  • commination
  • mexican hairless
  • papua
  • atomic number 33
  • rake handle
  • icterus spurius
  • allen wrench
  • sickeningness

  • Idiom of the Day

    lead (someone) down the garden path
    to deceive someone
    The young woman was leading her boyfriend down the garden path when she promised to marry him.

    There are too many cars ________ the roads

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  • Most Stylish Athletes of All Time Male

    Chris Paul

    The NBA s Chris Paul has an understated style in contrast to many of his fellow basketball players. Christopher Chris Emmanuel Paul is an American professional basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA. He has been an NBA Rookie of the Year (2006), a six time All Star, an All Star Game Most Valuable Player (MVP), and a multiple All NBA and All Defensive team honoree. He has also won two Olympic gold medals with the United States national basketball team. Off the court, Paul has achieved success in the sport of bowling and is a sponsored spokesperson for the United States Bowling Congress (USBC).

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