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1.the trait of forgetting or ignoring your responsibilities

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  • unmindfully
  • unmindful
  • unmilitary
  • unmethodical
  • unmeritorious
  • unmerited
  • unmercifulness
  • unmercifully
  • unmerciful
  • unmerchantable
  • unmined
  • unmingled
  • unmistakable
  • unmistakably
  • unmitigable
  • unmitigated
  • unmixable
  • unmixed
  • unmoderated
  • unmodernised
  • peptide bond
  • selenarctos
  • bengal tiger
  • sukiyaki
  • print shop
  • palomino
  • nebbish
  • pep rally
  • congo eel
  • pyrogen

  • Idiom of the Day

    put the bite on (someone)
    to ask someone for money or favors
    The man is always trying to put the bite on his friends to collect money for charity.

    (1) Kiran with a deep sigh
    (P) as if she were the thief herself,
    (Q) and at the top she placed
    (R) replaced the inkstand in the box, and
    (S) covered it with the linen
    (6) the presents together with the bank note.

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