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swoop up

1.seize or catch with a swooping motion

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  • swoop
  • swooning
  • swoon
  • swollen-headed
  • swollen
  • swob
  • swizzle stick
  • swizzle
  • swiz
  • swivel pin
  • swoosh
  • swop
  • sword
  • sword bean
  • sword cane
  • sword dance
  • sword dancing
  • sword fern
  • sword grass
  • sword knot
  • lined snake
  • familiarising
  • sagittaria
  • false mallow
  • evansville
  • eviction
  • dogmatist
  • unchained
  • radiophonic
  • tee hinge

  • Idiom of the Day

    make life miserable for (someone)
    to make someone unhappy over a long period of time
    The manager of the apartment building made life miserable for the young couple with the baby.

    When I telephoned your store and explained the ________ to your receptionist,

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  • Jumping Jacks


    Yep more housework! Did you know cleaning the carpet with a vacuum could burn 100 calories in about 20 minutes? As with the lawn, I like to speed along with this chore. I know it sounds funny, but I switch the arms I push with and really get a burn in my shoulders! Plus I like making those fancy designs in the carpet.

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