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regius professor

1.holder of a British professorship created by a royal patron

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  • Idiom of the Day

    in a quandary
    confused and uncertain about what to do
    I am in a quandary about where I should go on my vacation next month.

    A honey ________ flew into the room.

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    The environment around us has a huge impact on us on all levels of conscious subconscious and unconscious . This includes the place we live in, friends we have, things we read, people we see and the list goes on. Environment is contagious. Thomas A Edison said he was able to become a successful inventor because he placed himself in the company of people who were much more smarter than him and then he was able to learn from them. We offer most of our thoughts in response to the environment we are subjected to.
    Try this experiment. Put yourself in company of people who are into gambling, or anything in particular they are interested in, for sometime and then monitor your thoughts and emotions. Most likely your thoughts will be correspondent to the environment you subjected yourself to. Have you noticed that you feel serene and calm when you go to a beautiful lake or some beautiful natural environment.

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