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regius professor

1.holder of a British professorship created by a royal patron

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  • registration number
  • registration fire
  • registration
  • registrar
  • registrant
  • registered security
  • registered representative
  • registered post
  • registered nurse
  • reglaecus
  • regnant
  • regnellidium
  • regnellidium diphyllum
  • regorge
  • regosol
  • regress
  • regression
  • regression analysis
  • regression coefficient
  • behmenism
  • compulsively
  • watering place
  • carbon steel
  • flavoring
  • discontentedness
  • acanthopterygii
  • galapagos islands
  • topical anaesthetic
  • flawless

  • Idiom of the Day

    spread like wildfire
    to spread rapidly and without control
    The panic over the bad drinking water spread like wildfire through the city.

    The sands of ________ are running out and you'll have to hurry up.

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  • The Most Haunted Places In America


    Formerly named Boston, Helltown, Ohio, is as spooky as its name. The U.S. National Parks Service forced the sale of many homes in the area in 1974 in what some people claim was the cover up of a massive chemical spill. Other legends place the town as a Satanist meeting place or the area where a deranged escape mental patient roams.

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