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order marchantiales

1.liverworts with gametophyte differentiated internally

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    in the doghouse
    in trouble
    The man is in the doghouse with his wife after staying out late last night.

    Shobha asked the dealer (a) / what was the price (b) / of that bicycle and whether (c) / it is really made in Germany ? (d) / No error (e)

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  • Healthy Ear


    Severe dizziness or vertigo a sensation that the room is spinning is scary and can stir worries that something is dreadfully wrong. If it happens to you, you should see a doctor immediately. Its possible that the root of your problem is labyrinthitis, an infection of the labyrinth a group of fluid-filled chambers in the inner ear. The labyrinth controls balance. Even though the vertigo will make it extremely difficult for you to function, the infection itself is not dangerous. Bed rest is usually the main treatment. Your doctor may give you medications to combat the dizziness, as well as the nausea and vomiting you may also experience. In most cases, symptoms clear up within one to three weeks. Recurrent episodes of vertigo should be investigated by a physician as they can represent some other underlying condition.

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