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genus poronotus

1.a genus of Stromateidae

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  • genus porphyra
  • genus porphyrio
  • genus porphyrula
  • genus portulaca
  • genus portunus
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  • genus potamogale
  • genus potamogeton
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  • wherever
  • featherbrained
  • wassily kandinsky
  • rattling
  • golden syrup
  • better
  • rabbitweed
  • urey
  • gummite
  • genus cnidoscolus

  • Idiom of the Day

    pick up (something) or pick (something) up
    to learn something without formal study
    I picked up a lot of French when I lived in France for a year.

    The department has ________ so much money on administration that there is little left for employing sales personnel.

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  • Tips to succeed in Sales

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